forrest Delegate Pool (My Account, My Proposal)

25% total shared, 18.75% shared via personal pool and 6.25% shared via GDT pool
Sharing fortnightly 18.75% ~~ min payout 2.5 LSK ~~ vote forrest to receive ur share in the next payout.

Last payout: {{lastpayout|date}}
Next payout will be at: {{nextpayout|date}}

Rank: {{delegate.rank}}
Productivity: {{delegate.productivity}}
Approval: {{delegate.approval}}

This table shows static data which gets updated after each payout which happens fortnightly around 1st and 16th of each month.
Address Paid (LSK) Pending (LSK)
{{acc.address}} {{acc.received|number:4}} {{acc.pending|number:4}}

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